Spotlight: Bobby Suit - Sweepstake Winners™

Spotlight: Bobby Suit

When we first hit upon the idea for Sweepstake Winners™, it was the culmination of sharing a lot of thoughts back and forth about what we’d stand for, what our look would be, how we’d initiate the gender-hybrid aspect of the brand, and what was most important to us, above all.  We knew we had the answers, the question was how to unlock what was inside.

Sarah Leo Bobby Suit Bubblegum Pink Tartan Green Blue Farm

As a teenager, I saw suits as a symbol of everything that was boring; conservatism, maths, work, routine.  My view probably also the bi-product of a having a slight, gangly frame that never filled any self-respecting blazer out properly.  That was that, thought I.

Fast forward to 2019. I'm 32 and it's ironic, now, that our first range is heralded by the Bobby suit.  A tip of the hat to one of our favourite modern-day suit-wearers, Bobby Gillespie.  Fastening to the left or  right depending on your preference, the blazer features peaked lapels, Sweepstake Winners™ custom etched tortoiseshell buttons and is cut from 100% lightweight cotton, for easy breathability.

Stacy Sweepstake Winners Bobby Suit Sunset Peach Fuzz

With its clean lines and relaxed drop, the Bobby suit proves that suits aren’t just reserved for weddings and work.  Formal if you want to be, but far from conservative, we love the idea of being able to function effectively in a variety of situations, and that includes what you choose to wear each day.

We could’ve decided to stick with the classical route of charcoal, black or navy; but that’s not who we are, and if you’re not being yourself, who are you being?  The Bobby suit lets you do it your way.  As the old adage goes, a suit is only as interesting or uninteresting as the person wearing it.

Day Shawn Bobby Suit Vermillion Red

 Julia Sweepstake Winners Bobby Suit Sage Mint Green


Stacy Stella Sweestpake Winners Bobby Suit Vermillion Red Peach Fuzz Sunset

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