Fishnet Tee - (H x Dotnut x SW Collab)

$79.00 $39.00


  • 100% Cotton
  • Classic, relaxed, unisex fit
  • Created in collaboration with the artists, all profits shared

Pasifika artists Hohua Kurene and Natasha Ratuva were commissioned by the partnership between Tautai Pacific Arts Trust, Link Alliance and Karangahape to design a 70m "Moana Wall". They were tasked to explore the theme "inside the wave are ocean bodies".

Through the use of photographic, digital media and poetry Hohua and Natasha created a narrative that celebrates the connections of their Fiji, Samoan and Māori whakapapa.

This t-shirt design is taken from one of their most outstanding "Moana Wall" creations. It is a fishnet made up of their own anatomy, mimicking the ancient practice of fish net making from their home islands Fiji and Samoa.

The print comes in two colours that reflect the theme of the "Moana Wall" and are a nod to the signature vibrancy of Sweepstakes Winners.

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