The Ledoré Story

Ledoré is the namesake brand of Founder and Creative Director, Julia Marion Ledoré Ford.

 decades of experience and exploration in the fields of fashion, accessories and jewellery design (including her ongoing tenure as Creative Director at Kathryn Wilson Footwear), Julia set out to develop a capsule of vibrant and luxurious wardrobe essentials.

After a few years of producing genderless designs under the Sweepstake Winners moniker — the vision for Ledoré has come into sharp focus by anchoring the aesthetic to Julia's own take on wardrobe essentials, establishing a unique identity in the womenswear space.

The Ledoré commitment to expert craftsmanship creates a contemporary vision of accessible and luxurious wardrobe stables, connecting a deep appreciation of vintage elegance, effortless style and the highest quality textiles.

Julia collaborates with artisans locally and overseas, enriching beautiful natural materials to create classically styled pieces in head-turning custom colours and prints to complement a range of tastes and textiles, matched by a quality that truly stands the test of time. 



Ledoré is designed in Āotearoa/New Zealand and brought to life by skilled artisans, at home and abroad. A commitment to thoughtful design and responsible sourcing remain the cornerstone of our approach, ensuring our garments and the hands that craft them are treated with the utmost respect.

Ledoré is still a small brand, but we are forging as sustainable a production process as possible; from the materials we source, to the factories we use and the way we encourage our customers to shop mindfully and care for pieces as best they can.

Thank you for making us a part of your story x