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Lady of the House by Jacyee Mentoor


Exploring themes of camp, decadence and being fabulous at any age, our latest collaboration with photographer Jaycee Mentoor introduces us to us muse, a new style icon for the ages - Angela.

Jaycee: For the shoot itself we all collectively wanted it to feel as camp as possible. I wanted to play around with the idea of "The Lady of the House" and just being the most fabulous and decadent woman. I know in earlier conversations I had thrown around the reference of "Death Becomes Her" (1992). The portrayal of Meryl Streep's character of Madeline Ashton was definitely a subtle inspiration, other references included the song "It's My House" by Diana Ross (1979).

Touring the grounds of her lavish Karaka estate, Angela has layered her pearls and vintage chanel jewels with this striking monochromatic silk Aumoe blouse. The perfect pairing for sipping champagne by the pool.


Jaycee: I think working with someone that I admire as much as Angela is always so easy, she's so willing to let me be as creative as possible, so it really was the perfect storm because she wasn't afraid of trying things either.
Dancing on the lawn like no one is watching but your man-servants. Angela captures the mood of our lastest addition - The Lara Dress in 'gaouche sunset.'
Jaycee: Having the clothes be as vibrant and elegant as they are just added to this whole little world we had wanted to create
so perfectly.
Angela taking tea amongst rows of olive trees. Her bubblegum hued Wātea Shirt 'pops' amidst the verdant backdrop of her meticulously designed grounds.

With an elegance and confidence that comes from a life lived well, Angela pairs the Piwari Ruffle Shirt with our Ted coat in Yeti and pearl jewellery. 

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