Our Story

When we bend new corners, we feel like Sweepstake Winners 
Bob Marley

Sweepstake Winners™ is a unisex clothing brand from Auckland, New Zealand. We think the old, ideological ties between gender and garment have long been forgotten. We challenge ourselves to create clothes that above all else, people will love to wear.

What we're about
The idea for our brand sprang to mind during a period of reflective time away in Thailand; away from the hustle of our daily lives. There we settled to not create another clothing label for the sake of it; but to make sure that at the core of our business, we assist other organisations working for larger, more dangerous and altogether nobler causes than we.

In this way, we seek to become part of a new way of doing things, to become part of a positive cycle toward social change. We hope you'll join us on our journey.

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